About Us

•Supply of high quality pharmaceutical and medical products(consumables and equipment)  of latest technology  in Uganda and E Africa

•Manufacture drugs  and medical devices/instruments

•Operate the Microhaem Medical Equipment Training School (offer training, research, capacity building programmes, establish incubation centre; collaborate with and outsource medical  professionals from related training institutions globally); run curriculum  that meets international standards

•Engage in maintenance , servicing and repairing of medical equipment


At Microhaem, we have a number of values that help us serve you in the good
way that we do.

  • Hard work
  • Integrity – take all measures that ensure protection of confidentiality of our clients , suppliers, employees, other stakeholders 
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Quality products
  • Professionalism
  • Client centric
  • Learning organization culture – continuous learning and improvement


In order to meaningfully contribute to  improving patient care and health service delivery,

  • Supply high quality medical equipment, pharmaceutical products;
  • Manufacture drugs , medical devices,  instruments; and
  • Build human resource capacity for medical and pharmaceutical needs in the Eastern Africa Region.



 To see 25% increase in supplies of quality and functional medical /pharmaceutical products in Eastern African region Health Facilities by 2025.